Sarah Daykin – Jewellery

If you’ve ever been around Barton’s market, you’ve probably had your eye caught by the work of Sarah Daykin, the talented craftswoman behind Zebra Jewellery.

A hobbyist from her teens, she made he step to go professional 4 years ago and she happily announces that she is ‘still going strong! … I liked the idea of being my own boss, working from home and doing something that i really enjoyed doing. I also absolutely love gemstones, so it was a way that i could incorporate my love of making things with my love of gemstones”


Tim Bassford – Film

To mark the first Beeston Film Festival this weekend, we chose a film maker as today’s Creative Beestonian. Beeston has more than it’s fair share of auteurs, so we’ll be featuring more camera wizards soon.

Tim Bassford turned a long-term love of film into a career after studying Fine Art at uni, putting out short films of an outstanding quality, both in their artistry and technical skills. He recently won £25,000 to make ‘The Black Scholes Conspiracy’, a modern take on Samson and Delilah that we showed at a recent Beestonian Film Club at Cafe Roya, to unanimous dropped jaws and plaudits.


Mel Graham – Painter

Mel Graham is a successful local painter (her studio is on Humber Road) who only relatively recently picked up a paint brush. Suffering from depression, it was suggested she try and use painting as a therapeutic aid. She tried it, and discovered she wasn’t just good at it, but good enough to sell her work on. She’s been doing that since, with her paintings selling around the world, even being snapped up by a fan on the remote Falklands Isles. She also exhibits at galleries around the UK.


This week we have been speaking with...

George Newton – Carpenter & Historian

Entering George Newton’s workshop is a hazardous experience: the sloping shed roof full of suspended tools, and for a tallish, clumsy bloke like myself, getting clocked by a bafflingly intricate bit of carpentry is a cert.  Yet once in it’s fasc...


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much by @whitelionNG9

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