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Mouni Feddag – Illustrator

Hello, my name’s Mouni – you say it like ‘Moony’ (it’s Algerian) – and I draw things. I suppose I’m an illustrator.

Helen Nowell – Illustrator

Our first creative is the excellent Beestonian illustrator Helen Nowell, who creates designs packed with wit, technique and verve. We asked her a few questions about her craft:

This week we have been speaking with...

George Newton – Carpenter & Historian

Entering George Newton’s workshop is a hazardous experience: the sloping shed roof full of suspended tools, and for a tallish, clumsy bloke like myself, getting clocked by a bafflingly intricate bit of carpentry is a cert.  Yet once in it’s fasc...


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much by @whitelionNG9

09:21 AM Sep 6th