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The Turrell Brothers – Filmmakers

Good friends of the paper, the Turrell Brothers – those highly talented filmmakers you may remember from such films as Tummy Bug and their music video for The Madeline Rust – are up to their old tricks again. They got in contact recently to let us know that they’re making a new film, titled Poison… Read more »

John Currie – Film Maker

Hi John. Tell us a little about yourself…. Married for over 20 years, 5 wonderful children and I travel across the country with my business as an Independent Procurement consultant (and no I won’t bore anyone explaining what that is!!! My kids have already explained that it is quite dull). Played cricket for many years… Read more »

Tim Bassford – Film

To mark the first Beeston Film Festival this weekend, we chose a film maker as today’s Creative Beestonian. Beeston has more than it’s fair share of auteurs, so we’ll be featuring more camera wizards soon. Tim Bassford turned a long-term love of film into a career after studying Fine Art at uni, putting out short… Read more »

This week we have been speaking with...

George Newton – Carpenter & Historian

Entering George Newton’s workshop is a hazardous experience: the sloping shed roof full of suspended tools, and for a tallish, clumsy bloke like myself, getting clocked by a bafflingly intricate bit of carpentry is a cert.  Yet once in it’s fasc...


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much by @whitelionNG9

09:21 AM Sep 6th