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Good friends of the paper, the Turrell Brothers – those highly talented filmmakers you may remember from such films as Tummy Bug and their music video for The Madeline Rust – are up to their old tricks again. They got in contact recently to let us know that they’re making a new film, titled Poison Tree. The project has been funded on the iShorts scheme by Creative England, but they’re also crowdfunding as well as looking for places to shoot around Beeston.

Tom Turrell had this to say. “We’re hoping to reach our £10,000 aim, and with this money would come a budget for the kind people who would let us use their homes as locations in Beeston.”

Why Beeston? I mean, apart from the fact that it’s a brilliant place?

“We’re passionate about using Beeston, our hometown, as the location star in the film. For so long now we’ve been in love with the idea of shooting in the magnificent Victorian/Edwardian suburbs which locals call the ‘golden triangle’. We’re looking for TWO houses that basically make up the bulk of locations in the entire film. Do you know what I mean when I say the ‘golden triangle’?”

No. That one must have passed me by.

“It’s Devonshire, Elm, Imperial, Ireton, Glebe, Cromwell, Enfield, Park Road etc etc… I’m sure locals and estate agents use this term. We’ll also be filming exteriors in some of the long quiet streets of this suburb, hence why we’re keen to try and source houses to film in within the same area.”

The Turrell BrothersAnd the types of locations you need?

“House 1 would be a semi-detached, preferably Victorian/Edwardian, not necessarily recently refurbished or spic-span, any original features would be a plus (i.e. sash windows). A dream requirement would be a hallway leading from the front door to the stairs (though this isn’t absolutely necessary). We’d also need a modest sized garden. Filming would take place in the living room, back room, kitchen, an upstairs bedroom and garden. Importantly, we’d like to find a house that has an atmosphere all of its own… We’re probably looking at half a day to a day’s filming in this house.”

“And house 2: This would be an impressive and handsome house, detached, Georgian/Victorian/Edwardian, with original features and real atmosphere, ideally a spacious hallway/corridor leading from the front door, high ceilinged (if possible), a living room or back room with a grand piano (the piano is important to the script — it is an absolute DREAM requirement, but we understand chances are slim, still it’s quite necessary), a large spacious back garden, and a conservatory (again, this is a dream requirement and very much needed in terms of the script). In addition to this we’d be filming in the kitchen, an upstairs bedroom, and an upstairs bathroom. All in all an atmospheric and impressive house that would do justice to the cinematic tone of the project… We’d be looking to film for 2-3 days in this house.”

Shooting will likely begin in August and the brothers willsoon be flyering asking for locations, so keep a look out and get in touch with them if you think your home might fit the description they’re looking for. Also, donate if you can!

You can visit their Crowdfunder page at and can read more about The Turrell Brothers at

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  1. Emma Ellis (yeomans)

    Hey Tyrrell brothers. How are you? Not sure if you remember me. I work in locations and you used my front path as a location once. (Down in the rylands) How’s the search for a house in the golden triangle going? Need any help. I’m still living in Beeston and would be happy to give you a hand if you need. Could do a letter drop an take a few pics for you if you like. I’m not been working in the industry a great deal since I had my little girl in 2013. But would be great to help out for free on a local Beeston project.

    Drop us an e mail if I can help.

    All the best



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