John Currie – Film Maker

Hi John. Tell us a little about yourself….

Married for over 20 years, 5 wonderful children and I travel across the country with my business as an Independent Procurement consultant (and no I won’t bore anyone explaining what that is!!! My kids have already explained that it is quite dull). Played cricket for many years with the Church of the Assumption Cricket Team and currently enjoying archery with the Wilford Bowmen.

You once told me you got into film because ‘You Only Live Once’. But what was the spur that made you think ‘I wanna do that?’

My mid-life crisis centred on film because for me film is the greatest story telling medium, but it took me reaching the grand age of 49 to have the courage, stupidity  and stubbornness to attempt to shepherd a team of talented artists into producing a film. To produce a film of the quality of Go With God is a real honour because you receive so much input and creativity from others, and such generosity it leaves you feeling humbled.

The ‘Go With God’ (  journey took Frank and  I to the Dublin International Short film which was a fabulous experience. A whole weekend of watching short films from around the world in a pub. It took about 2 weeks for  the penny to drop that Beeston would revel in having its own film festival.

The Beeston Cinema and The Beeston Film Festival have been great for the town, with the Festival a sell-out and a strong success: is it returning?

Of course it will be returning. The 2015 festival was a wonderful  success. Not only did we have fantastic films from over 20 countries, Sergio and all the staff at The White Lion Bar & Kitchen made the festival into an amazingly hospitable event. For 2016 we intend to make 2016 even better, more films, more nights, more awards and more filmmakers. The Festival 2016 launch event takes place the 11th July 2015 at The White Lion Bar & Kitchen.

The festival is about

The launch event celebrates the 2016 Festival competition opening  for filmmakers, which means once again across the globe, from Beeston to Brazil, Toton to Taiwan and Chilwell to China, filmmakers will put their films into competition to secure firstly a festival screening and for the lucky few, winning a glorious B’oscar.

The festival rewarded artists with a piece of art designed by  Nottingham’s cherished Anna Colette Hunt. The B’oscar (short for Beeston Oscar) has delighted award winners. For 2016Anna will create a unique “Best in Festival” award. More B’oscars will be awarded too, with new awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Script. Will extend the festival into a Friday – Sunday weekend, more networking opportunities made available and on and on.

I recently canvassed filmmakers asking what did they most enjoy from festivals and they responded with they have asked  more popcorn, red carpets, parties, and  networking opportunities  and we will factor all of these into our planning.


How has Beeston influenced your work?

Beeston has been my home for the past 15 years. It has been great place to live because of the great facilities and wonderful people who live here.

Future plans?

As well as the festival launch, 23rd May we are holding a Best of Festival night reprising all the award winners and a hand-picked selection to create an awesome night of short films. So if you missed the festival here is a chance to sample some of what you missed.

Finally in the autumn there will be Pre-festival autumn programme called Global Beeston. The Beeston Film Festival has already made many friends across the world and some them will be selecting a of short films covering a specific area to demonstrate to Beeston what they have to offer. There will be programmes covering films from Taiwan, Tasmania, Africa and Germany.

All of which makes for an exciting future for the Beeston Film Festival.

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