Mouni Feddag – Illustrator

Hello, my name’s Mouni – you say it like ‘Moony’ (it’s Algerian) – and I draw things. I suppose I’m an illustrator.

How did you got into art?

Apparently I drew a cat when I was three. Later I spent an awful amount of time trying to draw manga, and eventually I studied graphic design at university in Germany.

How – if at all –  has  Beeston influenced you?

Beeston’s got a great feeling about it, and the library is lovely. Whenever I used to visit my family over here I’d come and scour through all the charity shops. I love busy high streets with no cars and plenty of funny-looking humans to look at, which Beeston delivers, and it’s so nice that it’s still such a thriving little place.

11050145_681964075259572_6011881684442840775_oYou have a very unique, and a very moving way of showing the human form: an understanding of how the body moves, a delicacy and a grace. Is this a theme you’re conscious of?

Thank you! I’m probably conscious of very little, but I do find dance extremely moving, and drawing people’s bodies in slightly awkward, very normal poses feels good. It’s a weird thing to try and describe, it just feels really good!

Tell us a little about your animation work.

I’ve done a couple of film courses but none of the tutors knew much about making cartoons, and the information on the internet is overwhelming, so what I’ve made has all been through trial and error and a bit of pain. I’d like to do more – there’s such great animation out there, and surely every person has things in their heads they’d love to project out in little films, but I wonder what that sort of animation is for. So often it’s impressive rather than exciting, and doesn’t leave much up to the viewer. Also it really is such a pain to do when you don’t really know what you’re doing

Career high?

When I say I’m an illustrator, I actually mean confused recent graduate. Please wish me luck!

Good luck!  Plans for future?

As above: Basically to earn some money and stay alive. Maybe someday to self-publish some comics

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