Bunny Moonstone – Vlogger

You might have guessed, but our Creative this week works under a pseudonym. You might not however have guessed at what a Vlogger actually is. We wired up our webcam and had a chat with Ms Moonstone:

So, for the benefit of many, many people, what is a Vlogger?

Vloggers are Video Bloggers: people who instead of typing out a blog use film to keep a journal. It’s really taken off recently, and seems to be well established right now. I’ve been doing it since last August, and have already got 125 subscribers, which is pretty good for such a short time.

I talk about lots of things; from make up to rabbits ( I have a beautiful dwarf lop as a pet); from thoughts on Beeston to requests from viewers. I’m actually quite a shy person, but feel very much at ease talking on camera, and becoming ‘Bunny Moonstone’.

Bunny moonstoneNot your real name then?

No! I chose bunny as I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, and have had a love of them for years: hence my choice of pet! When I vlog I wear a pair of fur rabbit ears, and wear a rabbit necklace, gives me quite a distinct look! Moonstone comes simply from the fact I like moonstone crystals.

Having a pseudonym is a common practise for Vloggers: the most famous being ‘Zoella’ ( aka Zoe Suggs, phenomenally successful vlogger who has her own range of cosmetics, publishing deal, etc). It helps to have a persona I can be when I vlog.

How does Beeston influence your work?

Hugely! I’m a born and bred Beestonian, and love living here. It’s cosy, friendly, chatty. There is a good range of shops, and I’m loving the new gym that has opened: I’ve recently filmed a piece on that. All life is here. I found a fascinating side to the tramworks, filming as we went through huge change: capturing little snapshots of Beeston that will never be seen again. Beeston is my home, and very much part of my work.


Bunny Moonstone is all over the internet. Find her on…

She also writes a beauty and lifestyle blog to accompany the videos on www.bunnymoonstone.blogspot.co.uk

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