Sarah Daykin – Jewellery

If you’ve ever been around Barton’s market, you’ve probably had your eye caught by the work of Sarah Daykin, the talented craftswoman behind Zebra Jewellery.

A hobbyist from her teens, she made he step to go professional 4 years ago and she happily announces that she is ‘still going strong! … I liked the idea of being my own boss, working from home and doing something that i really enjoyed doing. I also absolutely love gemstones, so it was a way that i could incorporate my love of making things with my love of gemstones”

Her work is quite unique, brimming with detail and innovation. We particularly liked the bookmarks we’ve shown: utterly unique and a much better way to save your place than our usual ‘dog-ear the page’ technique.

The future? ‘ To develop my website further, book lots of fairs and sell lots of jewellery! I keep having lots of new ideas for things to make, so as long as they keep coming i will be alright.’

Beeston Folk. Get stripey. Check out the links below for more.

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